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Phantasmaburbia features an awesome, fully instrumented soundtrack composed by Jason Covenant.

Jason recently put out a suite titled “Conscience of a Dreamer,” which you can find right here. It’s an amazing piece of music, and most of these songs will find their way into Phantasmaburbia in some form or another.

Here are some other samples!

A Dark Encounter
Music from one of the characters’ introductions. A dark spirit haunts her home, then sends her on a mission in the dead of night.

Fun With Choirs, Organ and Timpani (Hard Dance Mix)
The main battle theme. You’ll be hearing it a lot!

Mein Magische Bier
Featuring a German title which translates to “My Magical Beer,” this theme is for battles against darker or more powerful foes.

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. I like a lot the music man, nice job! I’m studying game development in Brazil and love to see new indie games. Unfortunately I’m not able to buy the game, but already see the trailer. Best luck!

  2. the battle music (both the “my magic beer” and “fun with choir and timpani”) are excellent, they both rock hard. i wish you luck with the game development and in your career.

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