Hurricane Sandy

There’s a hurricane called Sandy whose trajectory happens to pass directly over my home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The effects of the storm in my area are approximated to be at their strongest during October 29-31–which just happens to coincide with the planned launch date of Phantasmaburbia. It’s said that the storm is very likely to cause power outages, and if that happens then I will not have internet. That interrupts the communication lines between myself and the others working on the game from whom I’m still missing assets, and it also means I won’t be able to upload and launch the game on October 31 in a worst case scenario.

Part of my preparations for the storm will be to try and have something ready to go so that I can leave instructions for somebody else on the team to hit the “go” button on Halloween. I’d prefer to launch on time and then update with anything that doesn’t make it in because of the storm’s interference. But there’s a lot of room for failure in that plan too.

I’m going to be rushing to get everything in place for now. If it’s Halloween or later and you’re reading this message instead of playing the game, I apologize!


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