Extended Gameplay Video

The game launches in exactly two weeks!!! Holy cow!
To celebrate I got the game in the hands of a cool guy named Craig Stern who runs Indie RPGs. And he was kind enough to record an extra long gameplay session with the game!

Unfortunately he was experiencing some sort of graphics card issue and played the game in low detail, so the lighting isn’t as nice as I like it, but–I’m setting aside some of my neurosis here to say that this is a pretty good look at the beginning of the game, if you’re curious about seeing some of what comes after the demo closes out. :)

October 31! Get Pumped!

PS – I’ll be moving some things with the site around in the near future. We’re going to get a much nicer frontpage to coincide with the game launch. But this blog will always be available @ phantasmaburbia.wordpress.com

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