Drawing the Portraits

Hey, folks, resident portrait artist Michael “Rockythechao” Charnecki here! Banov wanted me to talk about my part in the game’s development, so I figured I’d give you an overview of the general process I go through when I draw the character portraits. I actually wrote this up a while ago, but I ended up getting caught up in the minor details and never got around to posting it. I did my best to make it easy to follow, but if there’s anything you find confusing, feel free to ask about it and I’ll do my best to clarify!

Please note that the methods detailed here are a little different from the industry standards – they’re not the quickest/most efficient way of doing things, they’re just the ones I’m most comfortable with. Also, the enemy used here, the Vardoger, won’t show up until a ways into the game, so be warned that this is somewhat spoileriffic!

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Let’s Youtube Us A Thing!

Hey there, all you lovable rascals! Rockythechao (A.K.A. Mack151, A.K.A. the game’s portrait artist, etc. etc.) here to bring you a little thing I whipped up this weekend. Allow me to humbly present to you the very first installment of Let’s Play Phantasmaburbia!


…No, really, it is, just give it a moment. No, that is not Minecraft, your eyes and ears and livers must be decieving you.

…okay, fine, skip to 01:12 if you want to jump straight into things. BUT MARK MY WORDS YOU WILL TOTALLY MISS OUT ON SOME EPIC MINECRAFT TITLE SCREEN ACTION. EPIC I TELL YOU, EPIIIIIIC.

Regardless, we hope you enjoy this semi-official magical romp through our favorite ghost-infested neighborhood! I’ll try and update on weekends if I can, though fair warning, I’m not known for being perfectly punctual!

Until next time, everyone: Ciao for now!

EDIT: Aaargh, WordPress! Why can’t we just be friends!? Embedded video totally fixed now.