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Default Name: Yoshi
Weapon: His father’s prized samurai sword, a family heirloom.
About: Yoshi is a music lover and slacker who’s been unwittingly thrust into a world-saving mission. Though he’s of Japanese descent, he doesn’t care much for his heritage, his parents… or much of anything, apparently, except for his responsibility to his friends. He tries to remain calm and cool at all times.

Name: Moshi
About: Yoshi’s ancestor and stern spiritual guide, Moshi was once a great samurai in feudal Japan. He takes on an instructional role and sees great promise in Yoshi as a warrior worthy of his lineage. He has a wealth of knowledge about combat and enjoys shaping Yoshi’s skills as they travel together.  Supposedly he had a son of his own in life, who he likes to compare Yoshi to.


Default Name: Sophie
Weapon: A wooden baseball bat
About: Assertive and a bit of a grump, Sophie isn’t afraid to go against the flow and the norm. Maybe that’s why she dyes her hair black and spends most of her time on her artwork. Despite her mean exterior, she has a bit of a soft side for animals and as a result refuses to eat meat.


Name: ???
About: This mysterious spirit appears in Sophie’s home, twisting her arm into finding powerful ghosts and fighting them to build her spiritual power. Not yet fully formed, this spirit suffers from a bit of amnesia and hopes to reclaim its identity by becoming strong enough to channel into the living world. Of course, Sophie is overjoyed to help.


Default Name: Pat
Weapon: A handgun he found in his parents’ closet (no bullets)
About: Pat tends to overreact to things, which is why when he first met his spirit partner he unloaded an entire barrel of bullets on her. Now he fights by hitting things with his gun, which seems to work okay. Pat is a huge fan of blockbuster films, hoping to one day make some himself. He’s been best friends with Yoshi since they were very young, though seeing them in action together makes one think they couldn’t be any more different.

Name: White Owl
About: A Native American prophet, White Owl lived, died, and was buried in (yes,) an Indian Burial Ground years before the Americas were ever colonized and even more years before Pat’s house was built right on top of it.  Rather than holding any grudges against the white man, White Owl wants to work with her decidedly unheroic partner to restore balance to nature. Out of everyone, she knows the most about spiritual matters.

Default Name: Clair
Weapon: Cooking Knives
About: Clair is a lover of food and an avid reader and writer, though she tends to keep her work to herself. Her journey begins when her dog Winston runs away, prompting her to go searching before she stumbles upon a number of ghostly mysteries and her curiosity is intrigued. She tends to be optimistic, and tries to keep her cool even when the world around her seems to be full of ghosts and makes no sense.

Name: Jason
About: Jason doesn’t remember much about his life, but we can probably guess that it wasn’t very long. Jason bubbles with childlike naivete and excitement, which is really weird coming from a spirit of the deceased. How he died and where he came from are a complete mystery.

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  1. The characters are great. in the movies or games i make i usually have my characters as silent protagonists.. well they CAN talk but they only answer questions or whenever the fancy strikes them.

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