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Phantasmaburbia (Fan-tazz-mah-burr-bee-ah) is an in-development role-playing game for Windows.

The game takes place in the year 201X, in the American suburban community of Owl Creek. Ghosts and evil spirits begin to appear all over Owl Creek, corresponding with the impending reincarnation of a transdimensional demon. A group of teens, armed with weapons found in their homes and assisted by friendly spirits, set out to prevent the rise of this evil being.

This game features…

  • A fast-paced classic style RPG battle system!
  • No stupid overlong cutscenes or whiny princesses or any of that funny business–fresh, engaging story!
  • Cool ghost powers like animal possession and moving inanimate objects!
  • Full-length, puzzle-filled dungeons!
  • Optional game paths! Choose what dungeons to beat and which powers to obtain in each playthrough!
  • No grinding, no fetch quests, or any of that silly time wasting stuff.
  • Fun battle mini-games!
  • And more?!

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