The Earthbound Connection

I want to talk about Earthbound a little! Earthbound is an RPG from the 90s about kids who travel around the world and fight aliens with household weapons. It might sound kind of familiar, and that’s ok to me, because I love Earthbound. It’s a game that had a really profound impact on me in my formative years, and when I’m being honest I’d say that it isn’t an “influence” or “inspiration” so much as just a part of who I am now, that can’t help but materialize in my work one way or another.

And this has worked to our advantage, because a lot of people look at our game and see Earthbound in it, and they’ll take the time to look at us because of that connection. I think that’s awesome. But I also want to draw some distinction between us and Earthbound, because I think the differences are important. People see the superficial similarities between us and assume that this is the same game, but there’s actually quite a big difference. And this would be a good chance for me to talk about this game as an RPG in the context of another RPG, to try and get at what makes us fundamentally different.

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Drawing the Portraits

Hey, folks, resident portrait artist Michael “Rockythechao” Charnecki here! Banov wanted me to talk about my part in the game’s development, so I figured I’d give you an overview of the general process I go through when I draw the character portraits. I actually wrote this up a while ago, but I ended up getting caught up in the minor details and never got around to posting it. I did my best to make it easy to follow, but if there’s anything you find confusing, feel free to ask about it and I’ll do my best to clarify!

Please note that the methods detailed here are a little different from the industry standards – they’re not the quickest/most efficient way of doing things, they’re just the ones I’m most comfortable with. Also, the enemy used here, the Vardoger, won’t show up until a ways into the game, so be warned that this is somewhat spoileriffic!

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Beauty vs. Utilitarianism (New Screens+Demo)

We’ve been on Greenlight for a few days now, and the results have been mostly positive. Thank you to everybody who contributed thus far! We’re far from being the most noticed game on the site, but hopefully things will build since we got in so early… especially on release!

Till then, we’ve been working to meet some of our most common criticisms, namely that the game lacks polish in areas like the menus. You can check it out in the now-updated demo and screenshots. While tweaking the menus, I found that there’s an interesting trade-off between the game’s pure functionality and its apparent prettiness. Continue reading