Steam Greenlight!


This might seem sort of absurd coming off of the heels of our Kickstarter, but we actually need your support more than ever! This doesn’t require any money or anything–but if you have a Steam account, we desperately need your upvote to help get Phantasmaburbia on the Steam platform!

Getting on Steam means exposure to a much wider audience, something we need very badly. This is something we’ve been talking about a lot on the sidelines, and finally is there an opportunity for us to get there if only we garner enough support.
I can’t really overstate how important this is to the game’s ultimate success. So, pretty, pretty please…


Release Date + KS Aftermath

So, the kickstarter ended successfully!

We got $2,640–264% of our original goal, which is plain awesome! The three of us have been working like crazy, especially in the aftermath of this, to get everything finished off. It shouldn’t be long now, and with the way things are moving and the obligation we have to our backers, we feel pretty ready to announce that the game’s going to come out on October 31st (2012!). That’s exactly one year after our first date! We will hopefully be done well before then, but it feels right to release on that date rather than sooner.

Meanwhile, copies of the beta have gone out to backers and we’re getting bugs fixed and all sorts of good feedback. The game’s looking to be about 8-9 hours long to beat on average, more if you spend time looking for secrets and stuff!

We’re gonna try and keep this place active up to the release, especially as we finish up cool new stuff we wanna share. A couple things you may enjoy are two songs we posted on the kickstarter by Jason. They’re really good!

This is a dungeon song!

This is a tune from the overworld at the start of the game!


We’re running a KICKSTARTER!

Our (modest) goal is $1000, in two weeks. Don’t think this as us being in trouble–rather, we’d like to tap into our supportive audience before the game comes out to help put a little more in. I’m sorry for the lack of news, but we’re hoping this might sort of make up for it.

We’re offering copies of the full game, bonus stuff, and also access to the full beta–as soon as the kickstarter closes! We’re excited to share this game more and we felt this was a great way to do it.

Please consider kicking us a little bit. And tell your friends!