The Long Road


As of now, the content of the game is getting pretty much wrapped up. I’ve talked a bit before about how hard it’s been to make concrete progress on this as I reach the end; I think self doubt and other issues have been factors as well. But I’ve sort of pushed through that. Final boss and most everything is done. All that’s left is the very final scene(s) of the game, and that’s been rigorously planned for quite some time, so it’s just a matter of executing that content. I’m out of the tunnel, so to speak.

It may still be some time before the game is in your hands though.

The game’s sound effects and OST still have some distance to go, and the latter is mostly out of my control. I’ll be using that extra time to polish the game more, though, and maybe get some more beta testing done. I’ve been sort of compulsively fixing bugs and making tweaks when I should have been getting content done, but the game’s breadth is wide enough that it’s still pretty hard to survey everything and not overlook any lingering issues. I’ll post news and information about that once it’s more relevant (once this last bit of content is wrapped up, and maybe I fix up some other stuff).

I’m also interested in getting a new trailer out very soon. I’ve actually had some footage in mind ready for a special trailer for quite some time (like, 8 months) so I’m excited about getting that out!

Sorry it’s been some time since I posted–and sorry there’s not too much to report! Just thought I’d keep everyone in the know.

Final Boss

I’m working on it. It’s a bit ambitious and it’s going a bit slow, but it’s definitely going. That’s all I can post about right now! Have a nice week. :)