Some Enemies

There are quite a few different ghosts to fight in Phanta! What’s especially notable about that is every enemy is fully animated. It’s fun getting everything to move, but it can also be quite time consuming. I thought I’d give a sneak preview for some of my favorites. :)

This here is Ghoulutton! He’s a bit on the heavy side. He also gets real hungry, which makes him eat his friends sometimes.

And this is Mr. Bomb! You better take him out fast, cause once his count runs out he’ll EXPLODE!

And here’s one from quite recently. This is Greenman, based loosely on a (shockingly true!) urban legend from Western Pennsylvania. He’s very… volatile.

Taking the art from the game data and turning it into an animated GIF is a stupidly long process, so you’ll have to wait until the game’s out to see many more of these. In the meantime, the portrait section has been updated with enemy stills so you can see some more of the varied spirits who you’ll be bashing through suburbia. I hope you’re looking forward to it!

Where Making This Hapen

Hey! I’ve been doing a few long articles lately, so I’m going to keep it short this week and just give a quick update on what I’ve been doing. (Sorry, no images)! As far as new content goes, I’ve been meandering through enemy work in the final dungeon. It’s an especially heavy one because the enemies you see vary based on what areas of the game you played through up to then, so there’s a lot of assets to put together to fill a fairly small window of gameplay.

I’ve been relying on Rocky to help me with the enemy animations in addition to the larger portraits, which is a little unusual, but when I came up against this wall of content to get done it seemed impossible without a little help here and there. :) Not to mention some of the enemies are naturally very complicated and difficult to animate, with lots of moving parts. Just as this area is the final level of the game, it kinda feels like a final challenge to me as an animator and artist. I’ll be doing my darndest to live up to that!

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Puzzling in 2D vs. First Person

After a burst of productive energy last week, this week started to feel a bit slower. There’s only one puzzle left to do for the whole game, and then after that it’s final boss and ending. I have some ideas for the puzzle on paper, but decided to take some more time to think about it and in the meantime I spent more time this week replaying earlier areas, fixing old bugs I’d never gotten around to, and tweaking more writing.

Once the game’s content is done, I’ll start passing it around to close friends and maybe some people off this blog to get early feedback, squelch more bugs, that sort of thing. I want to give a lot of time for that, and only after I’m totally happy with the game and feel it’s at full functioning power will I put it out for everyone to play. Sorry for being a bit cagey with it–I don’t usually do things so cautiously like this, but then, I also usually come out on release day with a few major bugs!

Anyway–I wanted to get some words out about my experience working on Chiaroscuro in comparison to this game. Once you get into the Spirit Tunnels in Phanta it’s pretty easy to draw comparison to those areas and Chiaroscuro, and that’s not an accident. Level design’s my favorite part of making games and I really love thinking about and putting together puzzles. I approached the level design in both games with a really similar mentality, but from experimentation and watching play testers I picked up some interesting and useful information about building puzzles for 3D space and first-person view as opposed to 2D.

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