Dungeon Gameplay Video

I uploaded a new video of gameplay, check it owt:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_v27HjD8Kc]

This shows a couple puzzles and the insides of a midgame dungeon. Nothing really mindblowing, but it may give you a feel for what sorts of puzzles we have here. To reiterate, there are 4 basic ghost powers– possession, switching, reveal/move, smash– and you typically use these powers to manipulate objects in the environment. These puzzles demonstrated here aren’t particularly complex, but as you go on they build on each other and I think you’ll find there’s a very nice curve of difficulty. :)

I look forward to sharing more soon!

Official Progress Report 2/10

FEBRUARY 10 2012


So since November, content progress has been completely finishing a couple dungeons, another sidequest (the biggest one), and a whole slew of enemies to fill those. I also actually spent a good deal of time putting extra details and touches and fixes to the dungeons and other stuff that I had recently finished at last posting. And, of course, there’s been a mess of engine upgrades, graphical additions and other such tweaks to the game to bring it towards a more finished level of quality. And now here we are.

In case it wasn’t really clear from the above numbers, I am now working on what is pretty much the end of the game. That does not mean it will go particularly quickly though. It feels like a project of diminishing returns; as I push deeper into the project, my focus spreads wider and I find myself working on lots of stuff at the same time. I.e, going through old areas and fixing cutscenes, or improving some common transitions, or pretty much anything but actual new content. The way most development cycles go, all of the game’s content is finished first and then a great deal of time is spent with these upgrades and other minutia, but that model doesn’t quite sit right with me.

I will keep working. I still hope to give out some more free game content to play soon, but I’d like to give Jason some more time to finalize a couple more tracks. In the meantime, screenshots will have to do. :)