A: Yes!

This is long overdue, but I’ve gone ahead and updated the current demo of the game. You can check out some/all of the nifty features and UI updates we’ve been making now, if you so desire! Check it out!!

Some of the changes made include:

  • A new default control scheme for navigation; click once and the characters will walk right to where you clicked without further input.
  • A new and improved battle menu, map, attack setup screen, etc. that streamlines and makes things look nicer.
  • Prettier light blending and coloring
  • Some new tunes for the opening part of the game, as well as the spirit tunnel
  • Many more high-res character art has been included, which makes for much more engaging dialogue with more expressions and some more visuals for cutscenes…
  • Tightened memory usage and fixed memory leaks and many other misc. bugs
  • So much more, probably. It’s been a long time since I updated this!

Of course, there’s no new real content for you to see. This is meant only to showcase how the engine and general visual quality has been progressing. Content has been going smoothly as well, but that’s all for a different post.

And to those of you wondering: “when is the game coming out??” The answer is approximately “I don’t really know!” I’ve spent some time answering such questions on formspring and you can feel free to peruse those. Basically once I missed the Halloween “deadline” (this date was set originally knowing full well it would be very difficult to reach), I took a step back and stopped rushing to have the game done and as of now I’ve been updating and fixing things at a pace that’s more leisurely, giving a more attentive eye to quality and polish than completedness.There are only about 2 more dungeons to do until all of the game content is done, so, that’s pretty damn close. Neither of said dungeons are going to use any puzzle elements that I’ll have to program from scratch either, which will make them a lot quicker to do. But until all of that content is done and I know with complete certainty when I can release the game, I’m going to stay quiet about any dates. Sorry if that’s disappointing!

I’ll end on a good note and say that I’m thinking about another contest or secret limited offer demo or something fun like that, to happen soon. There’s just so much content in the game now, it’s tempting not to share just a little more than what’s in the public demo now… but, we’ll see. Keep an eye on us. :)