Introducing Clair!

Whelp, there’s a hurricane heading towards me, and my form of emergency preparation seems to come in the form of a new gameplay video. Lucky for you!


Fun fact: the dog is voiced by my sister. I’m starting to make a minor tradition of having my sister submit cameo voicework in my games, it seems.

And of course now you can watch all of the introductions for each character in the game on YouTube, excluding (somewhat ironically) the one that’s actually publicly playable. I dunno if I’ll ever put a video of his intro on YouTube, since it would seem sort of unexciting now with all of this unreleased content just begging to be seen.

Anyways… enjoy!


This is the new home for the upcoming Windows RPG, Phantasmaburbia. Come back here for news, previews, and other cool stuff!

With the new site, I’m ready to say that I’m aiming to release the game on October 31, 2011 with a starting price of $9.99. Those of you who have been paying a lot of attention to my stance on release date and price may find that this is a little later and a little more expensive than I’ve sometimes lead people to believe up until now. This isn’t me trying to stab anyone in the back, rather, it’s a result of the game’s scope expanding far beyond what my initial vision was for it. My most recent post concerning the dungeons provided a taste of that.

In addition to the new site publication, I’ve gone and updated the free demo available at GameJolt and YoYoGames. As is usual, there’s no new content available but there are plenty of changes to bring it closer to what the final product might be. Changes you might notice include:

  • Numerous speed optimizations & bugfixes
  • Updated victory music
  • Updated tiles, as seen in the above screenshot

You might be wondering what happened to the yellow, desert-like landscape that used to be characteristic of the early game Spirit Tunnel. I’ve moved it to a later part of the game, into a dungeon that fits it much butter: